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17 Jan 2003

Hi There! Long time since I last updated this site.. to say the truth it looked like a dead site... but big projects are coming, i have uploaded an unfinished version of NeoArcher Fire, it looks pretty cool tough I lacked the time to finish it.

Find it at the Downloads Page

Im also working on a new game... instead of Qbasic I will use Java this time, as it seems more flexible and supported nowadays....


27 Jun 2002

Im sorry for taking so long to update the website, but i havenīt had much time lately... anyhow... the news:

The Nemesis Stars main engine is almost done!!!, now itīs just the Battle Engine and menu systems and thatīs it... I guess itīll take one or two weeks having in mind the lack of time i have...


12 Jun 2002

I have uploaded some pics of Nemesis Stars, looks good.... and im working hard every spare time I have... the pics are in the projects section... the beta version will come soon!


4 Jun 2002

Well.... Nemesis Stars has changed quite a bit, itīs going very very well, and i expect to upload a preliminar version soon.... im using Direct QB!
.... im using Direct QB!


6 May 2002

On this weekend I was trying to put the Sprite Editor to work.

A new ACK project made by a friend is coming.


1 May 2002

Added some screenshoots and enhaced design.


22 Apr 2002

First time the page was uploaded

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