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Nemesis Stars

  Join Prince Juran of Terra in his search for the mystic Stones called Nemesis Stars, hidden into the perilous planet Zarkka
Download Qbasic Sources
Download MS-Dos/Win Executables
Release Date: Frozen
Genre: RPG
Language: MS Quickbasic 4.0
Current Status: Frozen


Times Before Magic

  This history takes places in times when a sword duel would be lethal, when you could not recover your wounds just by drinking a potion or casting a spell, when it was not possible to fight forever without a good sleep, when you would feel the adrenaline of a bestial tiger jumping over you, ready to tear your head appart from your body, when you could really feel the poison coursing through your body.... oh glorious times....
  A revolutionary game who takes the better concepts from roguelikes and sharpens them into extremely realistic affairs, always conservating the spirit of gaming and keeping the player interested on the game, this is the chance for gaming to become closer to reality.
Download Java Sources
Download MS-Dos/Win Executables
Release Date: Not yet released
Genre: Roguelike
Language: Java
Current Status: alpha

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